Letters: I Got in an Accident in Morehead, KY, They Say I Caused the Accident, But It Wasn’t My Fault

Dear Chandler, 

I was driving through the four-way stop there by Kroger and Lowe’s in Morehead when I was hit by a vehicle going the other direction. I stopped and pulled over thinking we would exchange information and both be on our way. After all, it was just a little bit of bumper damage, most of it to my car. 

But, the second I got out the other driver was at my throat. They claimed I didn’t stop thoroughly and that they got to the stoplight first. I know it’s not true, but there’s no video camera evidence to say otherwise, it’s just his word against mine. I’m worried because the guy started yelling about how he had connections at the police department and how he was coming for me. I just got back in my car and waited for the officer to get there. I told him my side of the story and it seemed like he was impartial, he said something about there being nobody at fault. I’m still worried that someone’s going to show up to my door demanding money or presenting a court order. What can I do?


My friend and my sister were both in the car with me as well.  They seemed fine initially, but I guess after the adrenaline wore off when we all got home, they both started having really bad pain in their back and necks.  My friend has some bruising and my sister has been having really intense headaches. What should I tell them to do? Will this go on my insurance as well or will it go on the other driver’s insurance if they report claims? 


Not the Problem


Dear Not the Problem,

It’s best to get your statement to the insurance company as early as possible.  While you can do a recorded statement on your own, it is strongly advised that you do this at a local law office. Our legal team has handled many accidents similar to yours where both parties are reporting that the other driver caused the accident.

Like the officer on the scene said, Kentucky is a no-fault state. That means that both you and the other driver will file with your respective insurance companies. Don’t worry about what that guy says, his hands are tied.  Your insurance company will start out by paying your medical bills and lost wages up to the first $10,000. Thereafter, your insurance company will get reimbursed by the at-fault driver’s insurance. I know it bothers a lot of people knowing that their insurance starts this payment process, but that is just how these things work in Kentucky, and often times it is easier on you.

But, if on the off chance someone does come to your door demanding money or presenting a court case, I can provide you with a defense if necessary.  My best advice is to call me before you speak with anyone else.

Also, as for your friend and your sister, please advise them to go to St. Claire Regional Medical Center if possible. They can be treated there. Or, they can make an appointment with their family doctor.

It is important for them to get their injuries addressed immediately and start treatment with the right person, whether it be an Orthopedic doctor, a Physical Therapist, or a local Chiropractor.  In all likelihood, their claim would be filed initially with your car insurance PIP carrier, and we could also make an injury claim against the other driver.

I would like to meet all of you at my new Morehead office located at 716 West First Street, right across from the courthouse, next to the Napa Auto Parts store. However, if you are unable to make it there, I can always meet with you at your place, day or night, or on the weekend. I look forward to helping you all.

Maze Law Offices