Pedestrian accidents are relatively common in Lexington. Often, these accidents happen because a careless driver or otherwise negligent party failed to uphold a legal duty of care to keep others safe. When a vehicle hits you while walking on a roadway or sidewalk, you can file a compensation claim for the damages you sustain.

A Lexington pedestrian accident lawyer can go after the monetary compensation you deserve from those who caused your injuries. At Maze Law Offices, our hardworking personal injury representatives handle the entire process of your claim from start to finish, building a compelling case for compensatory damages and pushing back against the insurance company’s attempts to hinder your financial recovery.

What Causes Pedestrian Accidents?

While on-foot collisions occur for many reasons, they usually happen when a negligent driver fails to operate their motor vehicle carefully. Common causes of pedestrian crashes include distracted driving, neglecting to stop at a red light or stop sign, failing to yield, drunk driving, reckless driving, and texting while driving.

These incidents are some of the severe roadway accidents, as a person walking on foot has no physical protection from the force of a motor vehicle, which usually results in catastrophic and life-altering injuries. Injuries include broken bones, paralysis, spinal cord damage, internal bleeding, punctured organs, and nerve damage. A dedicated attorney in Lexington could help a pedestrian hurt in a crash determine liability for their case and what compensation the negligent party might owe them.

Pursuing Compensation After a Pedestrian Collision

Several factors can impact a person’s ability to recover financial compensation after a pedestrian crash, making it essential to consult a knowledgeable lawyer in Lexington as soon as possible. The severity of the walker or jogger’s injuries, the damages accrued, who bears liability, and the timeliness in which someone files their claim affects how much money they receive.

A successful personal injury settlement following an on-foot crash includes the injured person’s tangible and intangible losses stemming from the accident, such as medical bills and lost wages, as well as pain, emotional distress, and psychological anguish.

Kentucky recognizes the comparative fault doctrine when assessing liability in personal injury cases, meaning that even when the injured pedestrian is somewhat responsible for their injuries, they still receive compensation. However, the court reduces the award amount based on the plaintiff’s percentage of negligence.

Another essential factor to remember with pedestrian accident cases is the statute of limitations or the deadline by which someone can bring a lawsuit after suffering a personal injury. Most auto accident-related cases in Kentucky are subject to a two-year statute of limitations. Missing the filing deadline means the injured party forfeits their right to compensation. Speaking with an attorney promptly after a pedestrian accident resulting in injuries is crucial. A legal representative could assess the appropriate filing window and ensure that any case for compensation is started on time.

Get Help from a Pedestrian Accident Attorney in Lexington

A Lexington pedestrian accident lawyer could be the legal voice you need and deserve to seek a full and fair settlement for your injuries. When recovering from your injuries and navigating a new normal, the last thing you need is the burden of going up against the insurance company on your own.

An attorney could protect your best interests and fight unwaveringly on your behalf to see that the negligent party who hurt you pays for your damages. Speak with an experienced attorney at Maze Law Offices to schedule a free consultation and learn more about your legal options.

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