Construction is hardly the safest career path, even if you are in top physical condition and act as safely and responsibly as possible on every job site. However, when other people performing or overseeing construction work act irresponsibly, the risk of a traumatic and potentially life-altering accident increases, and so does the complexity of demanding fair financial compensation for losses caused by this sort of incident.

Depending on how you got hurt and who specifically was involved in the accident leading up to it, you may have multiple options for recovering financially after a work site injury, all of which a seasoned Lexington construction accident lawyer at Maze Law Offices could help you take full advantage of. Whether your case revolves around workers’ compensation, third-party litigation, or a mixture of both, your skilled personal injury attorney could ensure your case is as comprehensive and legally airtight as possible.

Does Workers’ Comp Cover Construction Injuries?

With almost no exceptions, everyone who performs construction work in Kentucky as an employee should have access to workers’ compensation coverage from the company they are working for. This coverage kicks in when an employee suffers an injury or illness while performing job-related tasks. The benefits are available on a no-fault basis without needing to prove anyone specifically at fault for the incident.

Workers’ comp should cover all expenses for reasonably necessary medical care, two-thirds of missed weekly wages when a worker has to miss a week or more of work, long-term benefits for permanent disability, and, if applicable, the premature death of an injured worker. As a construction accident lawyer in Lexington could explain, companies that provide no-fault workers’ comp coverage cannot be held civilly liable for a workplace accident. This means an injured construction worker typically cannot sue their own employer over their injury, even when it stems entirely from misconduct by that employer or one of their employees.

Who Could Be Civilly Liable for a Construction Accident?

It is not impossible to pursue an injury lawsuit or demand a private settlement after getting hurt in a construction accident, provided that someone other than an injured worker’s direct employer holds at least some of the fault for causing the incident. Depending on the circumstances, this could include an individual contract worker, the company that supplied unqualified contract labor, third-party material suppliers, and even equipment manufacturers who produced faulty machinery.

A lawsuit or settlement demand over a construction accident in Lexington almost always must be built around the theory of legal negligence, which can be deceptively challenging without guidance from a knowledgeable lawyer. Fortunately, successfully proving someone else at fault for this sort of incident can allow recovery for many economic and non-economic losses that workers’ comp would not cover, including the full value of lost work income or future working capacity, personal property damage, and various forms of physical and psychological suffering.

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Injuries during construction work can affect not only your physical well-being, but also your ability to make a living in both the short term and the long term. With that in mind, it is vital to proactively enforce your right to financial recovery after getting hurt on the job at a construction site, especially when the injury stemmed partially or entirely from another person’s misconduct.

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