After getting hurt in a motorcycle collision, you may be unsure about your legal rights or whether you can recover financial damages. Understandably, grappling with the reality of your injuries not only causes financial and psychological strain but also makes it difficult to focus on pursuing a civil claim.

A Lexington motorcycle accident lawyer with extensive experience could handle your injury case so that you can focus on your physical recovery. Even when liability seems obvious, insurance companies are known for delaying settlements and paying injured people the lowest amount possible. A dedicated personal injury attorney at Maze Law Offices could work tirelessly to get every penny you deserve from the liable parties.

How to File a Motorcycle Accident Case in Lexington

Even when the circumstances surrounding a motorcycle collision seem nonnegotiable, determining liability and identifying what the insurance company may be legally responsible for paying is complex.

Beyond investigating and establishing liability, a legal representative could collect evidence from law enforcement about the wreck, such as the incident report, photos, and dashcam footage. A hardworking attorney in Lexington can also collect statements taken from witnesses at the scene of the motorcycle crash and consult with experts. Finally, a legal team member can gather medical records, paystubs to confirm lost wages, hospital bills, and other documentation proving the magnitude of the motorcyclist’s injuries.

Some motorbike accident cases resolve within a few months, while others take years to conclude. Often, these cases drag on when the insurance company stalls the plaintiff’s settlement. Fortunately, an experienced lawyer understands how to negotiate with the at-fault party’s insurance company for a fair settlement and present a compelling case before a jury when necessary.

Because of the time constraints that Kentucky law imposes on injury cases, contacting an attorney immediately after a motorcycle crash is essential. The statute of limitations for the lion’s share of personal injury cases is one year, but most cases stemming from a roadway collision have a two-year filing deadline. When a potential claimant misses the statute of limitations, they lose the right to seek compensation for their accident-related injuries.

Injuries and Recoverable Damages from Lexington Motorcycle Crashes

Motorcycle collisions can arise from a wide range of negligent actions perpetrated by reckless motorists. Improper lane changes, speeding, failing to yield, following too closely, running a red light, and texting behind the wheel can cause a motorist to strike an innocent rider.

Even when fully clothed in protective gear, a collision with a motor vehicle can lead to severe and traumatic personal injuries for a motorcyclist. Skull fractures, brain damage, spinal cord trauma, internal bleeding, and severe burns are some of the long-lasting physical injuries that motorcyclists face from roadway accidents.

Accordingly, a Lexington attorney could help an injured person seek multiple forms of compensation following a motorbike wreck. Available compensation includes economic damages, such as hospital bills, physical therapy, ongoing treatment costs, and past and future time missed from work. An injured motorcyclist can also recover noneconomic damages like pain, suffering, and lost enjoyment of life. In rare cases, the court offers injured people punitive damages in addition to economic and noneconomic damages.

Contact a Capable Motorcycle Accident Attorney in Lexington

Even in the aftermath of a severe motorcycle accident, you may hesitate to pursue a case for fear of incurring out-of-pocket costs. However, if your case is successful, the insurance company must pay for any cost you accrue. You do not have to bear the cost of your injuries.

A Lexington motorcycle accident lawyer uses all the legal strategies available to recover a settlement or case adjudication that reflects the full extent of the claimant’s injuries and damages. To learn about filing a motorcycle accident claim, call Maze Law Offices now and schedule your free consultation.

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