We rely on buses for many reasons: People use public transportation to commute, and school buses play an integral role in getting our children to and from school. When riding a bus, you trust the driver to protect you and the other riders; however, severe collisions still occur. While bus wrecks are less common than car accidents, they often cause fatal injuries.

After a bus accident in Kentucky, you could suffer traumatic injuries, requiring time off work to recover. Fortunately, a Lexington bus accident lawyer could work to help you recover compensation for your injuries. These crashes typically involve multiple injured parties seeking compensation from the liable party. At Maze Law Offices, our hardworking personal injury attorneys know how to handle your case’s complicated issues to help you obtain fair compensation for your injuries and losses.

Who is Responsible for a Bus Wreck?

When a bus accident happens because of another driver’s negligence, injured people can pursue damages. Bus drivers, including those working for Lextran, located in Lexington, or TARC, located in Louisville, owe a legal obligation to their passengers and other vehicles on the road; when they drive negligently or recklessly, and an accident occurs, they are liable for subsequent losses. The bus driver’s employer could also be responsible for negligent hiring if the driver had a history of reckless driving. Sometimes, the bus manufacturer shares liability when a dangerous or defective part contributes to the accident. The following factors play a role in most public transportation crashes:

  • Distracted driving
  • Inadequate training
  • Driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • Speeding
  • Driver fatigue
  • Defective bus parts

When a bus accident occurs, liability for the wreck depends on the cause of the crash. Often, people who get injured in bus accidents may not realize that it was caused due to the negligence of the driver until they speak to an attorney. Depending on the circumstances, multiple parties could share the responsibility for the accident. In such cases, an experienced lawyer in Lexington could help the injured passenger identify critical information about the public transportation collision and determine who is responsible for it.

Damages in a Bus Accident Lawsuit

After a bus accident, injured people are sometimes reluctant to seek compensation against the liable party; however, medical bills and other costs from these types of crashes add up quickly. When the accident happened because of someone else’s negligence, the injured person should not bear this cost alone.

Plaintiffs can recover compensation for any economic or noneconomic harm they suffer in the accident, including the cost of past and future medical care, lost wages or benefits, pain and suffering, emotional trauma, or property damage. When considering a lawsuit for a bus wreck, the injured person should enlist the help of a talented attorney in the Lexington area. The legal representative could work with the plaintiff to identify their damages and demand maximum compensation.

A Bus Accident Attorney in Lexington Could Help File a Claim

When hurt in a public transportation wreck, speak with a Lexington bus accident lawyer about your potential claim. Whether the crash was caused by the bus driver’s recklessness, the employer’s negligent hiring, or a defective bus part, you are entitled to damages for your injuries and other related losses.

Bus accidents usually involve multiple plaintiffs seeking compensation against one or more defendants. A legal representative could help you navigate the complex issues of liability and causation when filing your claim. Call Maze Law Offices today to schedule a consultation.

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