Your loved one should never face abuse or neglect in a nursing home. Sadly, many nursing home residents face mistreatment. When injuries occur, a skilled personal injury attorney at Maze Law Offices could help you pursue justice.

When your aging loved one is the victim of nursing home abuse, or is being neglected, now is the right time to seek legal representation. With the appropriate legal counsel, securing a settlement award that addresses the financial, emotional, and physical harm they suffered could be possible. Even more importantly, an award for punitive damages could be sought to deter future wrongful acts or behavior by the facility.  While Kentucky typically recognizes a statute of limitations period, it is always helpful to speak with a Lexington nursing home abuse lawyer right away.

How Abuse in a Nursing Home Happens

Not all types of nursing home abuse are the same—it can be physical, emotional, or financial manner. Some of the common forms of abuse occurring in a nursing home include:

  • Physical abuse
  • Emotional abuse
  • Financial abuse
  • Neglect
  • Malnourishment
  • Sexual abuse

When abuse occurs in any form, the resident deserves legal counsel they can trust. While no amount of financial compensation can undo the harm that comes with abuse, a monetary settlement can cover the victim’s costs and provide them with the resources needed to recover. A compassionate attorney serving Lexington could pursue legal action following nursing home abuse allegations.

When is the Nursing Home Liable?

Nursing homes are business entities that are sometimes directly capable of causing abuse or neglect through costcutting practices and understaffing in order to maximize their profits. Moreover, these entities and their owners are also on the hook for the abusive actions of their employees. Owners of nursing homes owe residents a high “duty of care” to ensure their basic needs are served and that they can live safely in the facility. Instances where a nursing home could be liable include the following

Employee Commits Abuse

When an employee of the nursing home is responsible for abuse or neglect, the facility or its owners may also be liable. This is true any time the worker acted within the scope of their employment when the abuse occurred.

Negligent Hiring

Nursing homes have an obligation to evaluate everyone they hire carefully. Hiring someone they should have known to be dangerous could result in liability if that person abuses a resident.

Negligent Training

Working in a nursing home is a challenging job. The residents living in these facilities have needs that must be met, requiring skill and experience. The nursing home’s role is to ensure its employees are properly trained. When the owners and operators of nursing homes do not meet this burden, they may be liable for damages when the lack of training results in abuse or neglect.


It is the job of the nursing home administrators to ensure that the facility is adequately staffed. When there are not enough employees available, it becomes challenging to meet the needs of the residents. Understaffing could result in neglect or the failure to respond to emergencies promptly. A seasoned lawyer in Lexington could investigate allegations of nursing home abuse and work to hold the responsible party accountable.

Call a Nursing Home Abuse Attorney in Lexington For Help

When your loved one is abused in a nursing home, they could have a viable case for financial compensation and a settlement. Pursuing legal action on your own is risky and could hinder the outcome of your case. For a risk free and confidential case evaluation, call Maze Law Offices today to discuss your options with a Lexington nursing home abuse lawyer.

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