Letters: Can This Mom Sue After Her Single Vehicle Accident?

Dear Single Vehicle Accident Attorney,

I was driving on the bypass in Mt. Sterling when I saw signs for a lane closure ahead so I began to get over. My daughter was in the car and we were pretty absorbed in conversation. Despite hitting the rush hour crowd, the heavy traffic was moving at a decent clip and I was able to easily get over. 

Unfortunately, the same can’t be said for the car that came speeding up behind me and cut me off. I had to swerve out of the lane of traffic to avoid colliding with them. My car started to roll over and my daughter wasn’t wearing a seatbelt.

It happened so fast the cars in front of us didn’t seem to notice what happened. But, the car behind us stopped and called an ambulance. It’s fortunate they were there, our car hit a tree before we ran out of momentum. She was ejected from the car and suffered a concussion, all kinds of road rash, and thankfully, only a few broken bones. 

Unfortunately, I just reduced my insurance policy’s medical coverage and a lot of my daughter’s bills won’t be covered. No one has any contact information for the driver that cut us off. I think it was a Jeep Wrangler, a newer model. But, I was thinking we might be able to hold the road construction company liable since they didn’t place very many signs about the lane closure. I feel like the other driver wasn’t accurately warned. 

If I don’t figure out some way to pass on the liability, I’m going to drown in medical bills. Is there anything you can do to help?


Single Mom in a Single Vehicle Accident


Dear Single Mom in a Single Vehicle Accident,

There are several factors that need to be considered in your unfortunate roll-over accident.  First, although you may have reduced your coverage prior to the crash, there may still be important policies and provisions that were left to cover your injuries.  

Although it may not be a lot based on the amount of medical bills you and your daughter have incurred, you should have $10,000 available in PIP benefits for each of you.  I would recommend that we reserve that to cover any lost wages you may have suffered.

Importantly, I am hopeful that Uninsured Motorist coverage (UM insurance) was left on your policy.  This is what you need to cover you in the event that the car that caused your wreck on the Mt. Sterling bypass is never located.  

You are wise to consider the road working crew that was involved in the accident.  What also caught my attention was that a witness stopped and called an ambulance.  This can be a critical component to your case, which can give an unbiased version of the facts for the insurance to consider for a claim to be made that another driver or factor was at fault. 

Together, we can examine your case and come up with a plan to get your family through this time. Contact me as soon as possible so we can get started.

Maze Law Offices