Common Factors In Single-Vehicle Accidents In Kentucky


We have all heard of the dangers of drinking and driving. Alcohol is one of the biggest contributors to automotive crashes in Kentucky.

But, the reality is, even if you are sober, you can still lose control of your vehicle and end up in a devastating crash. In fact, almost any factor can contribute to a single-car accident. One well-known cause is poor road conditions.  Bad weather, poor signage, and even vehicle defects could be the culprit behind your crash.

Each of these factors will affect the way the insurance company and the companies that represent other drivers and businesses payout after an accident. Was your single-vehicle accident the result of any of the following conditions? Read on to learn more about what you can do to find the financial resources to repair your car, your body, and your mind.


Snow, ice, and rain, as well as other weather conditions, can lead to single-vehicle accidents. If you lose control of your vehicle in the rain or fog, it can be difficult to regain.  Driving at night also makes it more likely that you will be in a car accident since you are less able to see. You may be more likely to miss a turn or hit an obstacle and overreact.

Weather conditions are a hazard we all acknowledge before we make the choice to drive. In the case of poor weather, there isn’t another party to place blame upon unless other conditions like poor road signage also contributed to your crash.


It is natural to try to swerve to miss animals such as turtles, squirrels, dogs, or cats that find themselves in the roadway.  Drivers may also weave out of the way of debris or rocks or branches in the road. Of course, these quick maneuvers may very easily lead to an accident. At the very minimum, it’s important that you always wear your seatbelt so that you’re protected in the case of an impact.

Interestingly, there are now cars that are made that can detect objects ahead in the roadway. These futuristic radars are improving each day to prevent accidents and injuries. If you have a vehicle with lane correction guidance and hazard sensors and those systems fail, the manufacturer of your vehicle may be held liable. You will want to have your vehicle inspected to create a record of what safety features were functioning during your crash.


Unfortunately, despite extensive education on the dangers of drinking and driving, many people still choose to engage in risky behavior. Often times, these accidents involve friends riding in the vehicle as well who have left together from a party or a bar.  If you have found yourself in this unfortunate situation, and have been injured while riding in the passenger seat or backseat of a friend’s car, you are entitled to the same compensation you would receive in a normal two-car accident.


Everyone gets distracted at some point while they’re driving. Whether it’s changing the radio station, correcting kids in the backseat, or checking the maps app on your phone for directions, distractions happen and can cause accidents.

One of the major examples of distracted driving in today’s day and age is texting and driving.  If you are in the vehicle with an individual who runs off the roadway or crashes, and you are injured, you would be entitled to have your medical bills paid for by the car insurance company.


Sometimes a single-vehicle accident isn’t your fault at all. When your vehicle fails, the designer or manufacturer may be held liable.

If you believe your car accident may have been caused by a vehicle defect, it’s very important that you pursue a legal case. Not only for yourself, but, also for everyone else who drives that make and model of vehicle.


It’s hard to admit when you made an error driving, but no one is perfect. If you run a red light, approach a wet intersection too quickly, or speed, you may be involved in a single-vehicle accident.


If you or someone you know was injured in a single-vehicle accident (whether as a passenger or a driver), you are entitled to have your medical bills paid for.

Importantly, you are also entitled to your lost wages as well.  However, claiming this compensation may be easier with the help of an experienced injury attorney.

By speaking with a local injury lawyer, you can not only find out how your medical bills and lost wages can be acquired, but you may also find out you are entitled to pain and suffering money. If you have any questions about how this process works, or, would like to find out how our team can help- please call or text us today.

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