While it is not as crowded as Lexington just to the south, Georgetown still sees plenty of commercial truck traffic along Interstate 75 or making deliveries to local businesses. Unfortunately, this also means there is an ever-present risk of a truck driver causing a catastrophic traffic collision by acting irresponsibly behind the wheel—a risk that becomes a tragic reality for more people each year than you might expect.

No matter where or how a crash like this occurs, having help from an experienced personal injury attorney can be crucial to enforcing your right to civil recovery in the aftermath. Trucking companies and their insurance providers will fight tooth and nail to avoid paying you what they should for the harm that one of their drivers caused you. A skilled Georgetown truck accident lawyer’s support can help tilt the odds of a successful case result back in your favor.

Steps to Take When Preparing to File Suit Over a Truck Crash

Even a minor fender-bender involving a tractor-trailer that does not result in any injuries can be a harrowing experience that leads to plenty of unexpected expenses, and more serious injuries usually mean exponentially greater stress afterward. With that in mind, it can be helpful to have a basic plan of action to follow immediately after a truck crash that will ensure no avoidable obstacles get in the way of an ensuing civil claim.

While every accident and every person involved in one is unique, here are a few things everyone should be prepared to do in the hours and days following a serious truck wreck:

  1. Call police to the scene and make sure they generate an accident report
  2. Take photos and videos of all vehicle damage and injuries as well as the accident scene
  3. Get contact information from eyewitnesses as well as the truck driver involved in the crash
  4. Make note of nearby security or dashboard cameras which may have captured the wreck in progress
  5. Seek immediate medical attention—even if there seem to be minor or no injuries—and keep copies of all medical bills and records
  6. Collect documents like pay stubs, repair bills, and rental car fees as proof of specific financial losses caused by the crash

On top of minimizing additional stress, these steps will produce crucial evidence that the best Georgetown truck accident attorney would incorporate into a lawsuit or settlement demand.

Seeking Compensation for Long-Term Losses

Given how severe the injuries caused by semi-truck collisions often are, it can be especially important when filing suit over one to account for the negative effects it will have years into the future as well as in the short term. For example, when a truck crash results in a permanently disabling or disfiguring injury, an ensuing civil claim should include:

  • Both emergency medical expenses and expected costs of future corrective, rehabilitative, and therapeutic case
  • Disability-related costs for things like assistive equipment and home and vehicle modifications

Along the same lines, accounting for years or decades worth of physical pain and psychological distress can be extremely difficult to accomplish alone, especially for people with little or no experience with civil litigation. Having representation from a dependable lawyer after a truck crash in Georgetown is often vital not just to getting paid fairly, but potentially to getting any money at all.

Talk to a Georgetown Truck Accident Attorney About Recovery Options

Because of how massive their vehicles are, it is crucial for every commercial truck driver to act as carefully and responsibly behind the wheel as they possibly can at all times. Even if a trucker causes a crash by losing focus for just a moment, they and their employer can still be held legally responsible for any injuries stemming from that incident—provided that you know how to pursue civil litigation against them.

That is where a knowledgeable Georgetown truck accident lawyer can provide irreplaceable assistance and dramatically boost your chances of recovering fairly for your damages. Call Maze Law Offices today to schedule a free consultation and discuss your legal options.

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