Who is Liable for Damage if You Hit a Horse or Cow in a Car Accident?

What to Do After Hitting a Horse in a Car Accident

Who is Liable for Damage if You Hit a Horse or Cow in a Car Accident? Almost every driver has seen dead animals lying on the road or even escaped farm animals. How do those animals get there? What happens if they are hit by cars or trucks? Is it your insurance that is on the hook or could there be another option? Many animals, especially deer, are likely to roam across highways and roads to feed on grass and weeds. Hitting an animal while driving is often unavoidable, especially if you don’t want to swerve and crash into a ditch, building or other vehicles. So, who is liable for animal-related car accidents?

Find the Owner of the Animal

One of the first things you should do if your car hits a horse or a cow is to find the owner of the animal. This could be very difficult since horses can run for miles from their home. Despite this, you should still do your best to find the owner. The police can help in this endeavor, which is why it’s best to call 911 so you can file a police report and so you can be medically evaluated. Hitting an animal with your car, especially a horse or deer, can cause serious injuries depending on the speed of the crash.

File a Claim With Your Insurance

Since most accidents that involve a horse or cow being hit by a car are single-vehicle accidents, you will need to file a claim with your own insurance policy to start. In order for your policy to cover such an accident as a horse being hit by a car, you will need to carry comprehensive coverage. Comprehensive auto insurance covers you for damage caused by fire, flood, animals and other accidents that do not involve other motor vehicles.  It is important to know that an attorney can assist you with this process and make sure everything is filled out or explained correctly.

Requirements of Ranchers and Farmers and Homeowners

It is required under Kentucky law that all ranchers and farmers provide due diligence in preventing their livestock from roaming freely in order to avoid car hits horse or cow hits car. They must perform the following:

  • Have adequate fencing in place to prevent roaming
  • Conduct routine maintenance to the fencing
  • Ensure that gates are always closed
  • Monitor and track all of the livestock to ensure they are in designated roaming areas

How an Attorney Can Help

You might think that a horse or cow getting hit by a car is an open-and-shut case. However, it is often not and you will need the help of an attorney. An attorney will investigate the crash scene, collect evidence, locate the owner of the animal and determine if the rancher or farmer was responsible for the animal roaming free.

In a Car Accident with an Animal?

If you are injured in a car accident involving a cow or horse hit by a car, it is important to understand your rights. It is possible that the owner of the animal could be at fault. Even if you hit a deer, you should speak to an experienced personal injury attorney. You have a right to compensation from your insurance company if you carry comprehensive coverage. Call Maze Law Offices to schedule a consultation today.

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