Facts About PIP Law: Can You Get Motorcycle PIP Coverage in Kentucky?

Can You Get Motorcycle PIP Coverage in Kentucky? In the state of Kentucky, there is a requirement for all drivers of vehicles to carry at least $10,000 worth of PIP insurance. But, many people choose to carry even more coverage with insurers offering as much as $50,000.

PIP insurance is important because it covers your injuries regardless of who caused an accident. It’s an extension of your typical insurance plan.

But, when it comes to motorcycles, the PIP law is very different. Motorcyclists are not required to carry PIP insurance and many companies don’t even offer it to them. That means if they’re in a wreck, they can end up with medical bills after an accident and no PIP payout to cover their cost.

If you ride a motorcycle in Kentucky, it’s important that you understand the risks you take on by not carrying a PIP policy. Read on to learn more.


Kentucky is considered a no-fault state. That means no matter which party caused an accident, each driver must file a claim with their own insurance company and will be covered by their own plan, if possible. In other words, this is where your PIP insurance comes into play.  One is entitled to their $10,000 of PIP benefits regardless of who was determined to be at-fault in the accident.

Depending on how bad the accident is, you can end up with serious injuries. These injuries can mean years of medical bills for treatment as well as higher car insurance premiums.

To protect drivers from these expenses, Kentucky legislators put a No-Fault Law in place in 1975 called the Motor Vehicle Reparations Act.

Kentucky no-fault laws protect you from the fallout of a car accident. They allow you to receive payments for your treatment more easily, rather than waiting for a claim to be processed by the at-fault driver’s insurance policy.


PIP insurance allows you to file a claim with your own insurance company and begin to receive treatment for your injuries after an accident without having to worry about who will pay for it.

Some of the things covered by this kind of insurance policy include hospitalization if necessary, prescription costs, and the cost of rehabilitation for your injuries.

Importantly, you may also be eligible to receive compensation for your lost wages through your PIP benefits.

PIP insurance does not cover any of the damage to your vehicle. If you would like coverage for your car or motorcycle, you will need to purchase a comprehensive policy that includes collision damage.


If you’re in a motorcycle accident and you don’t have a PIP policy, you can end up with a lot of bills you can’t pay. It is important to understand your insurance policy and what you are covered for in the event of an accident and what you are not covered for.

If you have any questions or are seeking advice regarding your insurance policy, please do not hesitate to contact us.  Our legal team will assist you and help you understand what policy and provisions are best for you to have in place.

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