When most people think of car wrecks, they think of one automobile crashing into another; however, there are many serious accidents that involve only one vehicle. Sometimes, cars hit trees, guardrails, fences, or other stationary objects. Single car accidents can result in debilitating injuries and fatalities for not only the driver, but also the passengers.

As a result of these tragic accidents, the law allows an injured passenger in a single car accident to make a claim and seek recovery, despite another vehicle not being involved.

Consider consulting with a top rated Mt. Sterling single-car accident lawyer when you or a loved one are injured in a wreck involving only one vehicle. A trusted car accident attorney at Maze Law Offices could investigate why the crash occurred, determine if anyone else is legally liable for the incident, and help the injured parties recover their damages for medical bills, pain and suffering, as well as for lost wages.

Who Is At Fault For a Single Vehicle Car Crash?

People involved in a solo car wreck often assume that they have no options for legal recourse because another vehicle was not involved; however, a knowledgeable local attorney could investigate the single car crash to identify whether another person’s actions played a role in causing the accident and review insurance policy information to determine if coverage may apply to cover your injuries.

Another Driver

Even when the wreck involves only one car, another driver could still be at fault—for example, when one motorist weaves wildly in and out of their lane, or is crossing over the center line, it may result in running the other driver off the road causing them to hit the guardrail trying to avoid them. In these instances, the other driver often tends to drive off without giving any of their insurance information or waiting for the police to arrive on scene.

Fortunately, in the state of Kentucky, most vehicles and their owners or drivers carry what is called Uninsured Motorist insurance, otherwise known as UM coverage.  In simple terms, the owner’s or driver’s insurance essentially steps into the shoes of the at-fault driver, and covers damages for the injured parties just as if you were making a claim against an opposing driver’s insurance carrier.

A Bar That Served the Other Driver

If it turns out the driver who caused the solo car wreck was drunk, a hardworking attorney could potentially pursue a claim against a bar or restaurant that negligently overserved the driver and allowed them to get behind the wheel intoxicated. This type of action is typically governed by a state’s Dram Shop Act or laws.

Car Manufacturer or Mechanic

When a defective automotive part, such as faulty brakes or steering mechanism, forces a driver to crash into something, the injured driver could seek damages in a product liability claim against the vehicle’s original manufacturer, if the vehicle is relatively new. When a mechanic in charge of the car’s maintenance fails to make a necessary repair, or makes a negligent repair, they could bear responsibility, especially if it can be proven the subject vehicle was brought in for maintenance.

Car’s Driver

A passenger in a solo car wreck could also pursue a legal claim against the driver of the car when the driver is negligent or reckless. Whether the cause of the wreck is due to driving too fast, texting and driver, drinking and driving, or simply not paying attention, the driver or owner of the vehicle typically will have bodily injury coverage that will pay for the injuries and damages suffered by the passengers. This is often seen in situations involving snowy or icy roads, as well as rainy, slippery roads causing a hydroplane accident. Further types of incidents may involve weaving or running off the road due to deer, or animals, or debris in the roadway.

Although a passenger in many cases may  not want to sue their friend or relative who was behind the wheel or who owned the vehicle, they should understand that the driver’s insurance company will cover the costs. Essentially, the large insurance companies will pay for the medical bills, doctor and hospital visits, and pain and suffering damages.

Driver’s Employer

If the injured motorist was driving for work during the wreck, their employer could potentially be legally responsible. An injured passenger could sue the employer, through the vehicle’s insurance, while the driver could collect workers’ compensation benefits.

An experienced lawyer in Mt. Sterling would examine all the evidence and review insurance policy information to determine how the crash happened, who is responsible for the damages, and what type of coverage is available for the injured parties.

Settlements for a Single Vehicle Car Wreck

Anyone injured in a single-vehicle accident can pursue damages to cover the cost of their losses. They can seek recovery of their medical expenses, including future anticipated medical costs, as well as lost wages or future lost income when their injuries prevent them from working, impair their ability to earn, or possibly cut their work life short. People can also pursue recovery of their intangible losses, such as for mental anguish and pain and emotional suffering, PTSD, anxiety, as well as depression.

The best Mt. Sterling attorneys will understand how to assess your losses, relieve your stress in dealing with the insurance companies, and seek a fair damages award following a single vehicle car accident.

Contact a Top Rated Single Car Crash Attorney in Mt. Sterling

A car wreck involving just one vehicle can be as terrifying as a multicar pileup. These types of unfortunate events often lead to life-altering and even fatal injuries. While some accidents are not catastrophic, the resulting injuries are often enough to take a toll on your daily living as you go through recovery.  Although you may feel you have nowhere to turn for help, a Mt. Sterling single car accident lawyer can assist and help you navigate the claims process effectively. Contact Maze Law Offices today to speak with a local injury lawyer today free of cost to determine what legal options are available to you and to schedule your free consultaion.

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