An accident that causes you to sustain trauma to your neck, back, and spinal cord is often catastrophic and can change everything about your life without warning. These injuries steal away aspects of your life you once enjoyed, including sports, hobbies, even walking and traveling.  Spinal cord injuries often cause paralysis to some or most of your limbs and body parts, limiting movement and function significantly.

When someone else’s recklessness or intentional action causes you to suffer these debilitating injuries, you have every right to expect them to pay for your damages and losses. While civil laws allow people to hold the at-fault parties financially accountable, the legal procedure is complex. The best Lexington spinal cord injury lawyers could advocate on your behalf and fight for the just award for damages you need and deserve. Call our dedicated top catastrophic injury attorneys in Lexington at Maze Law Offices to begin your case.

The Potential Damages for a Spinal Cord Injury Claim

Spinal cord injuries are often catastrophic, leaving the individual with a long-term or permanent disability that prevents them from earning an income. The extent of disability and how it affects the plaintiff’s future plays a substantial role in the settlement amount. This would include the unfortunate factor of if the injured a paralyzed person is required to use a wheelchair or cane. The award for spinal cord trauma leading to paralysis or other long-term symptoms can often be significant. Damages include the following:

  • The cost of current and future medical care and services, such as physical therapy and rehabilitation
  • In home assistance, including required help for chores inside and outside the home, cooking, cleaning, bathing, etc.
  • Loss of pay and other benefits
  • Impaired earning ability
  • Medical devices and prescriptions
  • Permanent disability
  • Diminished quality and loss of the enjoyment of life
  • Mental and physical pain and suffering

The best personal injury attorneys in Lexington could help determine the potential settlement amount and review the evidence needed to establish damages for a spine injury.

Symptoms of Spinal Cord Injuries

The type of paralysis and body parts it affects depends on the severity and area of the spinal cord that sustained trauma. There are two primary categories of spinal injuries: complete and incomplete.

Incomplete injuries leave people with some sensation and function abilities below the site of the damage, while the latter leaves them without any ability to control movement or function. Some of the common symptoms of the debilitating injuries include the following:

  • Weakness, numbness, and tingling
  • Paralysis causes the loss of movement, sensation, and function
  • Breathing and other respiratory problems
  • Chronic muscle and nerve pain
  • Poor coordination
  • Difficulty breathing

Seeking medical care immediately after an accident leading to spinal cord damage is crucial and plays a significant role in the patient’s recovery.

The Statute of Limitations in Kentucky Spinal Cord Injury Cases

The tort lawsuit statute of limitations sets a deadline for filing a lawsuit to pursue and collect damages from the negligent party. The Kentucky Revised Statutes § 413.140(1) governs that the claimant has one year to seek action in most cases. The time starts running on the day of the incident. However, if the injured individual is a minor, this time period is extended.

Some circumstances could change the timeline, and it is always in the injured party’s best interest to begin the process promptly. The best spinal cord injury lawyers in the state could handle the legal work, litigation, and negotiations on the plaintiff’s behalf.

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A spinal cord injury can significantly impact your life, as well as your family’s life and disrupt your ability to function or move like you did before the accident. When you suffer this type of catastrophic injury, you have the legal right to collect compensation from the at-fault party.

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