Severe burns are among the most painful and debilitating injuries people suffer. While the medical field continues to advance significantly in treating burn wounds, they are profound and often affect nearly every organ negatively.

Fortunately, Kentucky has enacted Plaintiff friendly laws which may allow you to be eligible to collect compensation for damages from the liable party when their negligence actions cause an avoidable accident. Schedule a free appointment with a top Lexington burn injury lawyer when you need help with a case. Our diligent and talented legal representatives at Maze Law Offices are ready to help you file your claim.

Degrees of Burn Injuries

Burn wounds fall within four categories of severity, including:

First Degree Burns

First-degree or superficial burns damage the first layer of skin and appear red with some irritation. Injured people can treat them at home with cold water and petroleum jelly.

Second Degree Burn injuries

Second-degree burn wounds cause more damage to the first and second layers of skin. They often appear swollen or blistered and are more painful than first-degree burns. However, the injured party can usually treat them at home unless they cover a significant portion of the body.

Third Degree Burns

Third-degree burns are severe and may appear charred, white, or blackened. These wounds are painful and destroy the tissue at the burn site, so seeking care from a healthcare professional is essential to avoid permanent scarring and disfigurement.

Fourth Degree Burn Injuries

Fourth-degree burns are the most severe and are often life-threatening or fatal. These injuries destroy the layers of skin, deep tissue, and nerves, commonly damaging the bone and muscles beneath the wound. The burn victim must receive medical treatment immediately.

Severe burns not only cause chronic pain and disability, they are also a significant financial burden. A Lexington burn injury attorney understands the challenges victims face and has the experience to help navigate the complex process and reach a favorable outcome.

Recovering Damages for Severe Burn Injuries

Economic damages cover the monetary losses someone suffers in an accident. According to Kentucky Revised Statutes § 304.39-02, those recoverable damages include medical care, loss of salary, and replacement services, such as 24-hour home care if necessary.

Importantly, you may elect to undergo scar revision procedures, which are often times not covered through general health insurance.  As these are sometimes considered cosmetic in nature, you may be forced to pay for any plastic surgery or treatment out of pocket.  Fortunately, this is a large portion of the settlement which the best burn injury lawyers in the state will help you recover not only now, but for future treatment and scar revision surgery as you age.

Payment for medical care includes medical treatments and ongoing maintenance, physical rehabilitation and occupational rehabilitative services, emergency room and ambulance fees, and remedial maintenance. Loss income payments account for wages the injured person would have earned if not for their injuries. Finally, replacement service payments help the injured person pay for the personal care they need help with following the accident. The court may also award noneconomic damages for the plaintiff’s subjective losses, including:

  • Physical, emotional, and psychological pain, suffering, and anguish
  • Permanent scarring, disfigurement, and disability
  • Loss of enjoyment and quality of life
  • Loss of companionship and guidance

The best injury lawyers in the state can answer specific questions about the potential award and settlement amount available for a burn injury after reviewing the case details at length with you and after reviewing photographs and pictures of the burns and resulting scars.

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When a person’s or business’s thoughtless actions cause you to sustain severe burns, civil personal injury laws could entitle you to compensation to cover your damages. Burns can have catastrophic effects and change every part of your life, often leaving you with severe physical scarring, emotional distress, and financial losses.

You have every right to expect the at-fault party and their liability insurance carrier to pay for the damages. Schedule an appointment with a compassionate and aggressive Lexington burn injury lawyer at Maze Law Offices to begin working on your case.

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