Letters: Biker Hit from Behind

Dear Mt. Sterling Motorcycle Lawyer

I like to ride my motorcycle on the weekends, traveling mainly on US Highway 60. Usually, I feel pretty safe while I’m riding, but lately, I’ve seen a lot more motorcycle accidents near me. It seems like every couple of days I see another crash on the highway. Unfortunately, the other day, I became another victim. 

I was making a left turn into my friend’s apartment complex – a pretty common situation for a motorcycle crash. The car turning behind me thought I was going before I hit the gas and pushed my bike out of control. I was able to jump off of my bike and it skidded down the road and hit another vehicle waiting to turn out of the complex. 

I’m pretty banged up with road rash, but, fortunately, no broken bones. The car that hit me didn’t stop. I think they might have been drunk. A lot of other people stopped including the people in the car my bike hit. They want to hold me liable for the accident. I’m worried my insurance rates will go up and my bike will be totaled. 

I’m sitting at home now. My friend was able to bring my bike back to my garage on a trailer. The handlebars are bent and the gas tank is all scraped up. I keep thinking about all of the ways this is going to cost me. How do I minimize the impact so I can get back on the road?


Biker Hit from Behind


Dear Biker Hit from Behind,

I would like to know how long ago this accident happened.  You could send me a picture of the accident report, or I could pick up a copy for you at the local police station or sheriff’s office.  There are many hit and run accidents in Kentucky.  However, if your insurance agent placed the right coverage on your bike, you should be taken care of.

Our Mt. Sterling motorcycle accident law office can review your insurance policy and provide you with all the pros and cons and whether or not we may be able to recover a settlement on your behalf.  We do not charge anything for this review, so you have absolutely nothing to worry about.

The key would be to look and see if you have what is called “uninsured motorist coverage.”  It would also be crucial to see if you have personal injury protection coverage on your bike.  We have handled several motorcycle wrecks just like yours right here in Mt. Sterling, Jeffersonville, and Camargo.

If anything, we will be able to make notes on your current policy so that your insurance company can fix any gaps in your coverage where you aren’t covered.

As I mentioned at the start, the amount of time that has passed since your accident only can work against you.  This is why it is important to contact an experienced motorcycle injury attorney as soon as possible.

Our office takes calls and texts 24/7.  Contact us today and we can get started on your claim immediately.


Your Motorcycle Lawyer

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