Letters: How Does A Passenger In A Car Accident File A Claim?

Dear Chandler, 

I was a passenger in a car accident. My friend was driving us home from school when she lost control of the wheel and we ended up wrapped around a tree. It was a pretty bad wreck. I ended up breaking my arm and leg and my neck has been in pain since the impact. 

I went to the hospital in an ambulance and fortunately, I’m still on my parents’ medical insurance, so I gave them my information for treatment. I know I need to file a claim if I expect compensation, but I’ve never done it before. I would ask my parents for help, but they’re recent immigrants and don’t understand how the system works any more than I do. Can you help me?

-Young and Burdened


Dear Young and Burdened,

You’re not alone in being confused about filing claims for your injuries. Many adults who have lived in this country for their entire lives still find it a confusing process to navigate.

As a passenger in a single-car accident, you have one of the most straightforward claims to file. The driver of the vehicle would automatically be considered at fault. You can recover damages directly from your friend’s insurance company.

Depending on how much coverage your friend has and if there was anyone else in the vehicle, your claim should be straightforward to file. If there were multiple people injured, there may be a problem with enough coverage to pay for all of the injuries. In that case, the claimants would need to present a case for their injuries before a settlement could be reached.

If that all sounds a little confusing, it’s okay. I’m here to help you through the process. Contact me today and we can put together a plan.


Car Accident Lawyer

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