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Address: 101 West Loudon Avenue, Suite 214, Lexington, KY 40508
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About Our Lexington Office

Lexington is commonly referred to as the Horse Capital of the World, and with a number of horse racing venues as well as many horse-breeding farms in and around the city, it is easy to see why.  As well, Lexington Kentucky is the second-largest city in Kentucky, behind Louisville. Census estimates put the population in 2019 at more than 323,000 in the city, with upwards of 500,000 in the metropolitan area. As with any largely populated city filled with cars, trucks, commercial vehicles and city busses, you will have a high number of accidents resulting in personal injuries. This number is intensified by highly populated areas of the University of Kentucky Campus and pedestrian students. If you have been injured by the negligence of another, contact our Lexington, Kentucky personal injury lawyers today.

Types of Personal Injury Claims We Can Help With

The experienced Lexington personal injury attorneys at Maze Law Offices offer trusted and knowledgeable legal counsel to victims who suffer harm. Some of the most common types of personal injury claims include:

Car Accidents

The United States has an astronomical number of car accidents each year. Some of these traffic accidents can result in physical bodily harm, mental harm, loss of wages, property damage, pain and suffering, or even death. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, every day approximately 90 people die in crashes somewhere in the United States. In our state, the Kentucky Office of Highway Safety reported that there were 806 fatalities from car accidents in 2021 alone.

ATV Accidents

Four-wheeler vehicles provide a leisurely way to enjoy the outdoors here in Kentucky. They can also be used for functional and practical purposes. Many residents and visitors use ATVs to hunt, fish, for mining and logging, and they can also be used recreationally. Though, like car accidents, when an ATV crash happens both injuries and death can occur. Unfortunately, each year the state of Kentucky reports thousands of ATV accidents that involve both injuries and death. Our experienced ATV accident attorneys are here to help.

Motorcycle Accidents

The number of registered motorcycles throughout the United States is growing rapidly. For those who ride, motorcycles can be freeing and exhilarating. However, these vehicles have very little protection surrounding drivers and other motorcycle occupants. When a motorcycle accident occurs, those on the motorcycle tend to suffer the most severe injuries.

Semi-Truck Accidents

Semi-truck accidents have some of the highest incidents of catastrophic injuries and death, particularly for occupants of smaller vehicles. Large commercial trucks are extremely heavy, and often carry toxic or hazardous materials. While an average passenger vehicle can weigh 4-5,000 pounds, a Class 9 heavy-duty truck can weigh 60,000 pounds and more. When a massive truck collides with another smaller vehicle, it can cause astronomical damage and destruction.

Premises Liability

Property owners and managers must exhibit a reasonable duty of care to others that enter their property. This reasonable duty of care includes ensuring that the premises are safe from dangers that could cause harm. If there are hazards on the property that the owner knew (or should have known) about, then they can be held responsible for any injuries that may occur to a victim as a result of that hazard. When a property owner does not adequately safeguard and care for their premises, they can be held liable under the law.

Dog Bites

Annually, nearly five million dog bite incidents occur in the United States. Not only are dog bites incredibly emotionally traumatic and scary, but they can cause permanent disfigurement, infection, and death. Make sure that you seek immediate medical attention if you experienced a dog bite, and contact an experienced dog bite attorney to learn all of your legal options.

The Lexington Kentucky No-Fault System and What it Means For You

Technically, Kentucky has adopted a no-fault system for auto insurance. Normally, no-fault insurance means your insurance companies pay for the pain and suffering damages in an accident, and you cannot sue the other driver, regardless of who was at fault. That is somewhat true under Kentucky’s no-fault laws, where your no-fault insurance companies cover your medical expenses, lost wages and any other out-of-pocket expenses without assigning fault for an accident. However, under Kentucky no-fault law, you still can sue an at-fault driver so long as your medical expenses are more than $1,000, if you suffer a broken bone, if you suffer a permanent injury or disfigurement, or if a family member dies in the accident, commonly referred to as a wrongful death. Our Lexington, Kentucky personal injury lawyers help you know more about Lexington, KY personal injury claims in case you get involved in unfortunate situation. Plus, a Lexington personal injury attorney who has experience dealing with insurers and adjusters can negotiate with big insurance company without being frustrated or overwhelmed, assist you in lost wages, and obtaining the medical expenses that you deserve.

Why Hire Our Lexington, Kentucky Personal Injury Lawyers?

If you suffered any injuries as a result of someone else’s negligence, you may have the legal right to pursue compensation for your losses. You may face astronomical medical bills, the inability to return to work, property damage, loss of quality of life, and pain and suffering. Consider visiting with the experienced personal injury attorneys at Maze Law Offices today to ensure your legal rights remain protected.

How to Pick the Most Qualified Personal Injury Attorney for You

The personal injury claim process can be challenging and complex. If the insurance company or negligent party fails to provide compensation that is just under the law, the claim may have to go to trial in order to receive justice for the victim. Maze Law Offices has a legal team that consistently advocates for victim’s rights through every step of the process. Our experienced Lexington personal injury attorneys can negotiate with insurance companies, and will be ready and prepared to litigate aggressively if necessary for the most favorable outcome under the law.

Victims of injury accidents in Kentucky can count on the seasoned legal counsel and support of the Lexington personal injury attorneys at Maze Law Offices. Dedicated to providing customized one-on-one support and personalized strategy, our experienced personal injury attorneys fight on behalf of their clients to get the most financial compensation available.

Need Help? Call Us Today!

If you have suffered a personal injury in fayette county and believe another person might have been at fault, you should seek advice from an experienced law office personal injury lawyer in Lexington Kentucky to make your Kentucky personal injury claims stronger. It is possible there are provisions within a liability insurance policy that may be able to pay for your injuries and other damages, depending upon the circumstances of how you were hurt. The best Lexington personal injury lawyer can help you get the compensation you deserve for your personal injury and other damages. The attorneys of Maze Law Offices can help you at a reasonable rate to get strong personal injury claims against others. Unlike many larger attorney offices, you may see on TV, our personal injury team lives here and know this area, people of Fayette county, its law firm, and insurance companies’ policies. Visit today at our Lexington office and meet with an experienced Lexington personal injury lawyer to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation for your personal injury case since we own offices throughout Kentucky.

You can also find us at our Mt Sterling office, Morehead office, or Owingsville office.


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