Questions To Ask If You Were Injured At A Friend’s House


Friends gathering together to share a meal or engage in leisure activities is as American as baseball and apple pie. However, what is the best course of action to take if someone is injured during one of these activities? Accidents happen, sometimes on private property. Let’s review some questions to ask if you were injured at a friend’s house.


Nobody knows where or when an accident will occur. If a person is injured in a public setting – such as falling in a restaurant or supermarket – the injured party may be able to compensation from the owner of the property, which includes payment of your medical bills and lost wages. While the same recourse may be available if you are injured at a friend’s house, many people may hesitate to pursue a claim against a friend as they would against a corporation or business.

Unfortunately, if your injury necessitated the need to seek medical treatment from a doctor or healthcare provider, you will likely have to negotiate individually to determine the best course of action. But thankfully, if your friend or acquaintance has homeowner’s insurance, you can avoid the awkwardness by focusing more so on their insurance company, rather than your friend as an individual.

If a person has a mortgage on their home, they are required to carry homeowner’s insurance. While homeowner’s insurance is not required by law, individuals who have paid off their mortgages still carry insurance to protect against possible loss from fires, storms, and so on. If your friend has homeowners’ insurance, you will look towards the insurance company, not your friend, for compensation due to your injuries.


Assuming the friend does carry insurance, the attorney you retain to assist you will likely be talking directly to the insurance company to obtain a settlement for you. If your attorney is successful in proving your case, your friend’s insurance company will be responsible for the payment of medical expenses, lost income, and financial compensation for pain and suffering.

That said, if a friend does not have insurance to bear the burden of compensation, you’ll have to advise your friend that an alternative choice of recourse would have to be pursued, particularly if your bills, lost wages, or other damages are considerable enough that compensation would be needed.


If you have been injured, many factors must be reviewed, and the process can be complicated. The attorneys at Maze Law Offices can answer your questions and assist you through the entire legal process. Our Kentucky legal team is experienced in dealing with insurance companies and will get you all the compensation you deserve. Our goal is to get you the maximum settlement for your injuries and associated pain and suffering. Don’t sell your case short with a less experienced firm. Let us help your case succeed. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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