When a commercial vehicle slams into your car, this places you at serious risk of enduring broken bones, a traumatic brain injury, or several other catastrophic injuries. When you are hurt in this way, you may qualify for compensation under Kentucky’s personal injury law and insurance systems. How you go about securing this settlement depends on your specific situation, but it often involves filing a claim with the appropriate insurer or bringing a lawsuit.

Our Winchester truck accident lawyer has years of experience fighting for those harmed by the unexpected and negligent actions of others. Our legal team at Maze Law Offices is well-versed in complex insurance laws and understands how to champion your cause through the appropriate channels—whether through sending a demand letter, submitting a claim, or taking the case to trial. You deserve to receive the maximum restitution for your losses, and a dedicated personal injury attorney at our office can help you do so.

The Common Types and Causes of 18-Wheeler Crashes

Because a semi-truck has a cab (where the driver sits) and a trailer (where the goods or payload is stored), it weighs more and is more challenging to maneuver than a passenger car, putting it at a higher risk of collision. For example, a truck driver who is speeding may lose control of the vehicle, causing the cab and trailer to become out-of-sync. As a result, these components may form a V-shape and cause a jackknife crash to occur as the semi careens down the road.

Likewise, a big rig operator may have difficulty stopping to avoid slamming into the motorist in front of them. The rear-end or, if the driver tries to swerve out of the way, front-end collision that occurs can seriously injure or even kill others on the roadway. Moreover, a distracted, intoxicated, or fatigued driver has an increased risk of making mistakes resulting in these collisions.

The best Winchester truck accident attorney would help an injured person uncover the cause of the wreck, which is often necessary to determine how to pursue compensation. While, in most cases, the injured party can receive a financial award regardless of fault, there are times when taking decisive legal action in court may be necessary. For example, an injured individual may have to file a lawsuit to secure restitution if the applicable policyholder opts out of the traditional no-fault insurance coverage.

How Can an Injured Person Pursue Damages After a Semi-Truck Collision?

A person harmed in a crash with an eighteen-wheeler may qualify for benefits under the applicable insurance contract. If they do so using a no-fault policy under Kentucky Revised Statutes Annotated § 304.39-040, they may receive a certain amount of compensation without regard to negligence or blame. Depending on the situation and policy limits, they might be entitled to payment for their injury-related medical expenses, income loss, and vehicle repair costs.

Ky. Rev. Stat. Ann. § 304.39-110 describes the minimum coverage a driver should have under their insurance policy; however, a motorist may pay for additional benefits, which can increase their premium and the types of damages available. An eligible party can request payments from the applicable insurer, but they must do so within a particular window of time.

While the deadline can change based on the specific allegations, Ky. Rev. Stat. Ann. § 304.39-230 may require the injured person to file a claim within four years after the accident or two years after they realize they were hurt in the incident. An experienced lawyer in Winchester can help a person injured in a big rig collision identify the applicable filing requirements and take steps to secure the maximum compensation possible.

Call a Winchester Lawyer After a Crash With a Commercial Vehicle

Navigating the nuanced process of claiming benefits or filing a personal injury lawsuit after a tractor-trailer slams into your vehicle can feel overwhelming to do on your own. A seasoned legal professional at Maze Law Offices can take on this responsibility for you so you can devote your attention to recovering—mentally and physically—from the trauma of the incident.

Call now to schedule your free, no-obligation consultation with a Winchester truck accident lawyer on our team. Are you worried about the costs of legal services? We will not charge you any attorney’s fees for our representation; instead, the insurance provider pays our law firm’s fees if we win your claim.

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