When you recently lost someone close to you in a traffic accident involving a tractor-trailer, you know all too well how catastrophic the effects of a truck collision can be. You also probably know the severe emotional loss of a loved one’s death, as well as the financial consequences, which might affect your family for years.

Money alone cannot possibly make up for every loss after a fatal truck accident in Lexington. Demanding fair compensation from the at-fault parties can still do a lot to improve your prospects and overall quality of life. With help from a compassionate truck accident lawyer at Maze Law Offices, you can make sure your family’s financial and personal needs are being met in every way possible. We only take our attorney fees from the insurance company payout—you do not owe us anything directly out of pocket.

Proving a Trucking Company Liable for a Wrongful Death

Even if an individual truck driver’s reckless or careless actions were the sole cause of a fatal truck crash in Lexington, the company which employed them may still hold at least some of the civil liability for the accident losses. A qualified legal professional would also help identify other parties who may have played a role in causing a crash and take legal action against them. For example, that could include a manufacturing company which made and sold defective truck brakes.

It is worth noting that even if someone passes away because of an accident, they are not immune from being assigned a percentage of “comparative fault” for their own accident. The insurance providers which represent large trucking companies are usually too willing to accuse a deceased person of being legally at fault for their own death in order to minimize their own financial liability. That is one big reason, among many, why having a top-rated personal injury lawyer would be crucial to getting a positive outcome from this type of claim.

Special Rules for Wrongful Death Claims Based on Truck Crashes

In most situations, the “personal representative”—sometimes called the “executor”—for the deceased person’s estate is the only person who can actually file suit in the deceased person’s name. This is typically someone who is named in the deceased person’s will. If there is no valid will or there are no such instructions in the will, the court can appoint someone to act as personal representative to handle wrongful death litigation and other important matters.

Regardless, the personal representative can seek restitution for financial damages suffered by the deceased person’s estate for things like hospital bills and funeral costs; and for both economic and non-economic losses suffered by surviving family members, such as lost future financial support and lost household assistance.

In cases involving extreme negligence or intentionally malicious conduct, a court can impose “punitive damages” against the person at fault for a fatal truck accident in Lexington. This is a rare outcome that will likely not apply in most cases.

Discuss How a Lexington Attorney Would Help After a Fatal Truck Accident

No one should ever have to deal with the sudden loss of a loved one through a traumatic accident, and certainly not one caused by an irresponsible semi-truck driver. Unfortunately, this exact scenario plays out many times across Kentucky every year. Your family is dealing with this tragic accident and you should not have to handle what comes next without legal help.

Support from a dependable lawyer can make a world of difference in how you can recover financially and psychologically in the wake of a fatal truck accident in Lexington. Call Maze Law Offices today to discuss your possible options during a free consultation.

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