When you spend an afternoon at a theme park, carnival, or fair, you expect the rides to be safe and the staff to take reasonable steps to protect you from getting hurt. When a defective ride or a mistake made by the venue causes you injury, you have the right to demand a fair settlement to address your unexpected losses.

You do not have to juggle your healing, your daily obligations, and a lawsuit alone. Consider working with a Lexington amusement park accident lawyer at our seasoned law firm. Our experienced personal injury attorneys at Maze Law Offices have decades of knowledge and training at our disposal and can provide you with personalized and effective legal representation.

When Can Someone Sue a Carnival, County Fair, or Theme Park?

When an injured person can prove the park made a careless mistake and caused the incident, they may file a lawsuit against the park, roller coaster manufacturer, or staff member. Depending on the circumstances, the injured party might accomplish this by accusing the at-fault person or business of negligence, or they might cite product or premises liability laws.

Asserting a negligence claim involves telling the court that the at-fault agency or person had a responsibility to act a particular way but failed to do so, and the person filing the claim must show this failure of action caused or contributed to their injuries. For example, when a roller coaster attendant fails to perform the required safety checks before allowing patrons to use the ride, they or their employer may be on the hook when someone sustains an injury.

When a defect in the ride caused the accident, the injured person can use product liability laws to hold the manufacturer or seller accountable. Depending on the type of allegations, Kentucky Revised Statutes Annotated § 413.140 may require the injured party to submit a lawsuit within one year after their accident. A lawyer in Lexington who regularly handles theme park cases could help an injured person identify and meet these deadlines so their rights are protected.

What Can Impact a Casualty’s Settlement Against a Funfair?

Someone injured because of a malfunctioning Tilt-a-Whirl or a careless staff member can demand compensation by suing, participating in out-of-court negotiations, or submitting an insurance claim when applicable. Damages they might receive could pay for expenses caused by the accident, for example, they may request money for costly medical care to reconstruct broken bones or make up for their lost income.

Because of the many rules involved in suing an amusement park, a casualty or their surviving relatives may benefit from collaborating with a Lexington lawyer to help guide them. For example, under Ky. Rev. Stat. Ann. § 411.182, the court may reduce the injured person’s judgment based on the percentage of fault they share for their accident, and when the injured patron signed a waiver or disclaimer of liability when they purchased their ticket or entered the park, their ability to secure a settlement could be impacted.

When someone dies due to their injuries, Ky. Rev. Stat. Ann. § 411.130 allows a surviving family member to file a lawsuit, and they may also bring a case against the at-fault person or organization under Ky Rev Stat Ann § 411.140 on behalf of the injured person who dies and cannot file this lawsuit themselves. A Lexington amusement park accident attorney could help survivors secure compensation to cover medical bills or funeral costs.

Call a Lexington Attorney for Help After an Accident at an Amusement Park

In the aftermath of a harmful event, such as falling off a carousel and breaking your arm, you may have to use valuable paid time off, spend hours or days in the hospital, or miss important family events. When you can prove that someone, such as the venue or its staff members, is at fault for what happened to you, you may be entitled to funds to cover the cost of these losses.

When you are hurt while riding a roller coaster, playing bumper cars, or engaging in similar types of activities, reach out to a Lexington amusement park accident lawyer at our firm. At Maze Law Offices, we offer free, no-obligation consultations and do not charge our clients anything until we win your case.

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