Drawing The Line: When Poor Treatment Becomes Medical Malpractice


When you’re under the care of a doctor or nurse, you rely on them to make the right decisions for your health. When they break that trust by providing treatment that borders on negligence, many people feel frustrated and betrayed.

Unfortunately, medical malpractice is all too common. And when something goes wrong with your treatment, small problems can quickly compound into life-threatening situations.

Faulty medical treatment can lead to life-changing obstacles that leave you struggling to reclaim your independence. If you think you might have been affected by medical malpractice, I can help you fight to recover damages. Learn if you have a case here.


Most cases of medical malpractice are due to medical negligence. Medical negligence is when a health care professional provides care to a patient that falls below the reasonable level of that of similarly-skilled and educated providers.

This could be a misdiagnosis, failure to communicate the risks of treatment, or errors during the performance of a procedure that are deemed unacceptable.

No doctor is perfect, but medical malpractice cases are based on the standard of care for a given situation and the way an individual health care professional performed. If they deviated from the standard, you’re likely to have a case.


Gross Negligence is a much more rare grounds for a medical malpractice claim, but unfortunately, it does happen. If a doctor’s actions or inactions during surgery or a medical procedure caused an injury or death, you may have a case.

>One of the most common examples of a gross medical negligence case is when a doctor is treating someone while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. They could also be charged if they overprescribe potentially lethal levels of medicine that is outside of common medical practices.


Sometimes failing medical treatments aren’t the fault of the doctor. If someone’s condition worsens it could just be an incurable condition. Not everyone’s body will respond the same way to a treatment.

Doctors have to act with care and skill in choosing the treatment they feel will work best. This goes the same for diagnosing a condition. In order to receive a settlement from a medical malpractice claim, you have to prove they acted outside of the standard of medical care.


This article can help you understand whether or not you may have grounds for filing a medical malpractice claim. But, every situation is different.

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