Distracted Driving PSA: Holiday Accident Spikes In Lexington, KY


Lexington, KY isn’t the capital of distracted driving. It’s just one of many large scale United States cities that will have to undergo the pressures of a bustling holiday season.

Make a commitment to not contribute to the distracted driving articles that will make headlines around the country. Don’t eat, shop, or text and drive.

And this year, don’t let yourself be the victim of a careless driver. Take steps to be safe as you navigate parking lots and roadways. Check out these tips for help.


Eating while driving during the holiday season can be hard to avoid. After all, the appetizers you’re bringing to that Christmas party are quite tempting.

But, try to wait to get to your destination. Any distractions behind the wheel can lead to a serious accident. If you’re distracted, you’re more likely to be proven negligent and at fault.


There are tons of distracted driving articles out there. Many of them mention the connection between teen distracted driving and the use of cell phones.

Not only are they being used for texting but, teens and adults alike also do other distracting things behind the wheel like:

  • Programming their GPS
  • Using social media
  • Reading and sending emails
  • Taking and watching photos or video
  • Changing the music<

To avoid an incident, pay attention behind the wheel and leave additional room for a cushion for other drivers.


Parking lot safety involves both paying attention behind the wheel and being cautious when you’re looking for your vehicle. Check out these parking lot safety practices to protect yourself and your vehicle this holiday season.

1. Use the Painted Lanes

While it’s tempting to want to take a short cut through the parking lot, the painted lines are there to direct traffic. In a crowded holiday parking lot, it’s easy for cars to seemingly come out of nowhere.
Do yourself and the other drivers a favor and follow the painted lines and symbols on the ground. If you’re caught disobeying the traffic pattern, you could receive a ticket on top of being found at fault for an accident.

2. Anticipate Other’s Actions

While it’s impossible to hit someone else’s breaks for them, it’s easy to keep an extra eye out for people who seem to be distracted.

When you are driving this holiday season, make sure you give others as much room as possible and move at a relaxed and observant place.

3. Use Care When Backing Out

Backing out of a parking spot is one of the most vulnerable moments of the day for your vehicle. When all you have to see is a rearview mirror, it’s easy to miss a vehicle or person pulling out behind you.

Make sure you take care when backing out. Move your vehicle slowly and make multiple stops to ensure the roadway is still clear.

4. Have Your Keys Out

While most of the tips on this list are to help you avoid a driving accident, this tip is intended to keep you safe before and after you get out of the car.

Make sure that you have your keys out and ready when you are headed for your vehicle. Crowded parking lots are a great opportunity for thieves.


Shopping and eating while driving can be as distracting and dangerous as texting and driving. Try to protect yourself and others this season by paying attention behind the wheel.

If you are involved in a distracted driving incident in or near Lexington, KY, don’t wait. Contact us today for a consultation and help with your case.

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