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Injured In a Single Vehicle Accident? You’re Still Entitled to Compensation

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Injured In a Single Vehicle Accident? Car accidents are never easy to handle and it doesn’t matter how minor they are or if you suffered any injuries. The hassle of dealing with your insurance company can be stressful and overwhelming. To make matters worse, what if you are involved in a single vehicle accident? This situation can be the most stressful because there are no other drivers involved who might be deemed at-fault for the crash. How will your insurance company help you after such an accident? Aside from expert advice on all of the aforementioned concerns, a single vehicle accident lawyer can offer counsel you can count on.

What Causes Single Vehicle Accidents?

Can you be held liable for a single vehicle accident? How do these accidents occur? Not every single vehicle crash will be the driver’s fault. Many single vehicle crashes are caused by road hazards, defective vehicle parts, and poor road maintenance, and even animals—including deer, cows, and other farm animals. Aside from non-human culprits, crashes are commonly caused by the actions of other drivers, pedestrians, or bicyclists. This is what’s known as an unavoidable accident. Even though you are still the only vehicle involved in the crash, if someone else’s actions led you to crash, you might be able to hold them liable.

Always Call the Police

Make sure you always call the police following a single vehicle car accident. Why? Having the police respond to the scene not only helps mediate the crash scene, but also leads to an accident report, in addition to a driver’s exchange form. Having the accident officially documented will make filing an insurance claim or taking legal action much easier, and if another party is culpable, having the police vouching for your side of the story never hurts.

How Insurance Works

So, how does insurance work in a single vehicle accident? This can be a tricky situation, especially since the insurance company will likely deem you to be at-fault in the crash. If you hit a fence, animal, tree or guardrail, collision coverage should help pay to repair the damage to your vehicle. Your premium will also likely increase for the next couple of years if you file this claim.

Were you injured in the single motor vehicle accident? Was your passenger injured in the crash? If so, your personal injury protection (PIP) part of the auto insurance policy should help pay for some of your medical expenses. Just know that the passenger injured in your vehicle during such a crash can file a claim against your PIP coverage, even if it is a family member. This can also lead to your premium increasing.

Who Can be Liable for a Single Car Accident?

So, aside from you, who can be held liable for a single car accident? Some of the following entities can be held liable for a single car crash in which you were the driver:

  • Other drivers because an object fell from their vehicle
  • Local municipalities for failing to repair road hazards
  • Manufacturers of vehicles for defective parts
  • Pedestrians for failing to obey pedestrian laws
  • Bicyclists for failing to follow the rules of the road

Involved in a Single Vehicle Accident?

Have you been involved in a single vehicle accident? Are you worried that insurance might not cover the damage or injuries? It’s time to speak to an attorney about your situation. An attorney will speak to the insurance company on your behalf, file claims, investigate possible causes of the accident and more. Call Maze Law Offices to schedule a free consultation. You can call around the clock as accidents happen any time of the day or night.



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